Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip to Ruidoso

Our much anticipated trip to Ruidoso, NM to vist with Judy and Herb finally arrived. We got up early and were ready to leave around 10:30 for the 375 mile drive. We filled the gas tank in the Saturn on Tuesday night so we could make the drive to Las Cruces, NM non-stop. All was well. We got on I-10 eastbound a few minutes later at exit 275 and cruised along for 3 miles when Gerry read the travel information sign and it stated that 19 miles ahead I-10 was shut down and no word when it would reopen. Two tractor trailer trucks had crashed and burned under an overpass and they were concerned that the bridge would collapse.  It didn't, but they have closed down the overpass until further notice.

I decided to take a detour south and then east to avoid the stoppage. A 75 mile detour. There aren't many side roads in this part of Arizona and we were boxed in. Then we were stuck behind an over sized load on a narrow 2 lane highway with hills, curves and no passing zones all over the place. We were about the 15th car in line behind this truck. We finally worked our way up to where I passed him on a sweeping curve when he was down to less than 10mph. We had a clear view around the curve so there wasn't any danger.

Finally, about 1 ½ hours later we were back on I-10 about 22 miles down from where we had to get off.  The traffic was flowing very nicely and I set the cruise control on 80mph and off we went. Uneventful trip to Ruidoso where Judy & Herb were waiting for us. We stopped at a Taco Bell Restaurant in Ruidoso and received the most terrible service and food we have ever gotten at a Taco Bell. To top it off, the manager of the store could have cared less. Good help must be at a premium in Ruidoso.

We finally arrived at Judy & Herb's and chatted with them until midnight and then hit the hay, two very tired and worn out people.

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