Monday, March 7, 2011

Departure Day

Our friends Judy & Steve had scheduled Sunday as their departure day for Yuma, AZ and they really lucked out.  Saturday was very windy and would have been a pain to drive in with the crosswinds.  Monday was even windier with gusts up around 40mph and a lot of dust in the area.  I imagine the drive from Tucson up to the I-8 cutoff would have been very difficult and hard to see.  We hope they made it to Yuma without any problems.

We are enjoying some really great temps out here and our daughter Cassie & Family had snow this past weekend in Smithsburg, MD.  What a crazy weather pattern we've had this past winter.  It's hard to believe they are still getting snow in MD and we will be in the mid 80s this week in Tucson.

One of our favorite TV shows is Two & a Half Men with Charlie Sheen and company.  He plays a role that he is very well suited for since it is close to how he really seems to be.  I imagine everyone has seen his antics on TV lately and are wondering what in the world he is talking about.  It is hard to see him self destruct like he seems to be doing and nobody can really help him.  I think this is another case where when/if something really does snap in him with disastrous result everyone will be wondering what they could have done to help him.  Sad.

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