Monday, February 28, 2011

New Caliphers

We were up early today and out of the park by 8:30 so we could get to La Mesa Rv for our 9:00 am appointment to have the caliphers replaced under warranty by Workhorse.  The old caliphers have been a problem since 2002 and it took the US Gov't to put pressure on them to fix the problem.  Today was the day.  I hope the new caliphers won't stick and ruin the brakes like the old ones did.

We sat in one place with the MH for three months and when we went to bring in the slides they almost didn't come in completely.  With a little coaching they finally came in and then it was time to raise the leveling jacks.  You got it, the front ones didn't want to raise all the way either.  A couple tries freed them up enough to make the trip down to the dealer.  Hang in there, Gerry noticed the electric steps hadn't come in all the way.  I applied some lubricant to them and they seem to be working once again.  Sitting still for that long takes it toll on the MH and us.  Time to hit the road before we freeze up all together.

We met a number of couples in the waiting area and listened to their MH woes.  Two of them had Tiffin high end coaches and were having a number of problems with them.  Tiffin has an excellent name and reputation in the MH industry and we were surprised to hear about their trouble.  They both said they loved their units and would buy again when it was time.

The dealer provides a free lunch and we went down and had some tacos and drinks.  Nice feature since there aren't any restaurants in the immediate area.  The  tacos were pretty good and we are thinking about going back on Tuesday for the BBQ chicken.  LOL

One quick stop for propane and we arrived back at the park in time to hook the unit back up and settle in.  That is, after they turned the water back on and we flushed our tanks.  They have been having a lot of water outages the last couple months due to unknown causes.  At least we have extra water in our fresh water tank so all is well.

We received some good news today from our grand daughter Stephanie.  She has passed all her course work and will graduate as a nurse this May.  Congratulations Stephanie.  You worked hard for this and deserve it.  She will be pinned the Thursday night before her brother Jared graduates from East Carolina University on Friday.  Then on Saturday there will be a wedding shower for Sean & Taylor, followed by graduation parties Saturday night.  Sunday will be Mothers Day celebration and Monday crash day for us old people.

Now to get to bed early and catch up on some much needed sleep. 

Oh, BTW, congratulation to Gloria and Doug on getting their rearend repaired.  I know it must be a relief for them. 

Buenas noches. bonne nuit, good night.

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