Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafts & Caches

Gerry finished working on her craft project and she wrapped up the work today.  I will include some pictures next week on the project to let you see what she accomplished.  

Ron K stopped by for a visit this afternoon and we had a nice chat.  He was coming back from his longest walk in a long time.  He said he was tired but feeling better since he began walking again.  '

He inspired me to go for a walk today also.  Except in my case I convinced Gerry to go with me to search for some geocaches.  There have been a few new ones in the area and along with some older ones we went on our quest.  We found six of them in a couple hours and enjoyed some nice walks in the desert.  Most of the caches today were neat and some thought put into their placement.  Those are the fun kind to find.  We are up to 724 caches discovered and on our way to 800 by months end.  That is, if I can get Gerry out there helping me.  Stay tuned.

The nice weather has returned and we were in t-shirts today searching for the caches.  Not hot enough to bring out the creepy critters, so that is a good thing.  I don't really like to traipse around the desert when it gets hot out here.  If I do, I will have to wear my hearing aids in case one of the critters send me a warning.  When that happens, we will concentrate on caches in the city area.  Nice to have a plan.

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