Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Water Filter

Another exciting day out here in the Southwest.  The wind picked up a little, however it isn't that bad.  They are calling for more wind and cooler temperatures by this weekend.  Looks like another cold front is moving through here.  I keep thinking it will be the last one of the year.  We'll see how it goes this time.

I crawled under the sink today and finished the repair of the water filter.  Whew!  That is a job for a smaller, younger and more agile person.  I had to fit both arms and my shoulders into a small space so I could tighten the threads.  Now I see why they had quick disconnect tabs on the filter before.  It looks like I will have to keep my eye out for a replacement connection before it is time to replace the water filter.

Gerry found a bottle of Tin Roof Merlot the other day while we were shopping at Costco and bought a bottle.  We had it with our pasta this evening and it really hit the spot.  It looks like we may have found another good wine to drink and will have to look for some sales.

I don't discuss politics on this blog, but I wonder why the Wisconsin State representatives don't have one of their members switch over to become a Democrat and then take a vote on the Union issues.  They say that at least one Democrat has to vote to make it legal.  The Dems picked up a Representative from Vermont a few years ago after he was elected as a Republican and then switched his allegiance.  All of the Democrats have fled to Illinois so a vote can't be taken without them there.  I wonder how long it will take the Wisconsin Governor to figure this one out.   ***** Correction ---  It takes 20 Wisconsin Senators to make a Quorum and the Republicans only have 19.  *****

We have tentative plans to drive up to Phoenix on Thursday to see our very special friend Gerry who is in the Mayo Clinic up there.  He and I go way back to when we lived on Maple St. together.  He's had a bad run of luck with his health and we had planned on visiting him in Congress, AZ a couple weeks ago, but that was scratched when we had unexpected company.  ---- Trip put on hold for a while due to Gerry having a bad night.  Not my Gerry, but old buddy Gerry C.  ----

He and Gerry share the same nickname and we had a neighbor called Jerry who had a son Jerry.  It sounded like a comedy routine when we all got together.  Of course his brother was named Larry so that also added to the confusion.  Nicknames were the rule back there so it worked out in the end.  

Gloria & Doug, friends of ours, are sitting in Tampa, Florida waiting to have their beautiful motorhome repaired.  It looks like they may be there at least 10 more days and are staying in a motel while the work on the unit is being done.  Bummer.  We hope they get back on the road real soon.

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