Friday, February 4, 2011

Coming out of the Ice Age!

The weatherman was correct once again.  I am beginning to hate him for these cold forecasts.  It got down to 14 degrees last night and we came through it fine without any problems.  The outside faucet froze and thawed out around 10am and the MH pipes seem to be fine.

The forecast for tonight is a low of 27 which will seem like a heat wave and it gets warmer every day for the next week.  Maybe we can get back to our normal temp range and enjoy "Happy Hour" outside by Tuesday.  

I have been watching the events in Cairo the past few days with a lot of interest.  I was on a TDY there in 1979 and loved Cairo even with all of it's problems, poverty, etc.  Tahrir Square was on my route home every day and the Museum is there and was a popular place for me to visit.  The Egyptians were friendly and outgoing to Americans at this time.  I still remember them walking up to me and saying "Jeemmy  Carter" over and over.  Hopefully this will work out for the Egyptians and they can move forward positively.  Hope for, but not expected. 

Gerry joined me there for 3 weeks and we toured all over the place along with working a regular schedule.  Saw all the tourist places and loved the restaurants.  Introduced to Hummus and still love it.  The Step Pyramids at over 4500 years old were impressive.  Took around 500 35mm slides and watch them when I get a chance.

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