Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quiet Day

The weather has turned cooler with a little rain so we took advantage of being cooped up in the MH by rearranging some stuff that was in the unit.  It is easy to accumulate things but difficult to find room to store it all.  We have just about filled up all of our available space in the bins so it is time to get rid of stuff.  I just hope Gerry doesn't throw me out with the trash.

We took a ride through the Saguaro National Park on Saturday to see if anything was in bloom, but sadly there wasn't any color in the park at all.  It has been so dry around here that the Park Ranger said there won't be many blooms this year.  Last spring was wetter and there were a lot of flowers blooming.   The photo above was taken a couple years ago.

Gerry made some mince meat cookies today and I am about ready to finish up here and enjoy a late night snack of cookies.  Sorry to have closed so abruptly but I am sure you all understand.

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  1. Saw a lot of prickly pear cactus that appears to be dead after the big freeze.