Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday at the Park

We will be taking the MH to La Mesa RV to have the brake caliphers replaced on Monday so we are storing all the "stuff" we have in the living area.  We usually only have to do this when we prepare to make the trip back to Maryland, but this time we get to do the job twice.  They say they can do all the work in one day and we will be back here i the afternoon.  I sure hope so as we don't want to spend the night there or in a motel.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The weather did another u-turn last night and the temps dropped but not like before.  It rained during the night and we woke to see all the surrounding mountains covered with snow.  It sure is pretty to look at when they are snow covered and I took a picture with my telephoto lens of the Santa Rita Mountains to the south of us.  They are about 10 miles away to give you an idea of how big they are.

The Rincon Mountains are east of us and I took a photo of them over the roof of our neighbors 5th wheel.  I should have went down to the back of the park and taken a better shot of the Rincons, but was too lazy to do so.

It's 3:30pm and the sun is shining brightly and the forecast for the upcoming week is temps in the high 70s.  Now that is more like it.

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