Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who said anything about Gourds?

We went out to dinner last night with neighbors Judy & Steve along with their granddaughter Kayla.  Over the course of the dinner Steve mentioned they were going to the Wuertz Farm Gourd Festival at the Pinal County Fairgrounds.  We had talked about the festival earlier and they invited us to go with them.  Great.  We accepted the invitation and left early today for the 80 mile trip up there.

We went to the festival two years ago and had a great time and were looking forward to going again.  It looked like a lot of other people had the same idea since the parking lot was almost full at noon.  Steve parked the truck in the last row and we headed onto the fairgrounds.  Since we have been there before, we made a beeline for the main area where the stands were.  Some of the same vendors had the same spot as before, however they had mostly new gourds.  

I took 101 pictures and have narrowed them down to a collage to make it easier to see them.  We did get out there this year a lot cheaper than the last time when Gerry bought a number of gourds.  Whew!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner on the way back and it was a madhouse there.  The Gem Show crowd must have had the same idea as we did and the place was packed.  We really lucked out and got in quickly, however those behind us had a wait.  As usual, the food was great and we walked out stuffed.  

I hope the collage turns out to be viewable.  Let me know.

The weather has turned around and we had a nice sunny day at the Fairgrounds.  It will be warming up and be in the 70s by Tuesday.  Hopefully the bitter cold weather is behind us and things will be back to normal.  We did fine through it all other than burning a lot of propane and I am afraid to see our electric bill for the month.  Cost of doing business.

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  1. Nice collage - - had to click on it to make it easier to view, though. Definitely had a great time. Now, I'm enthused again to get started on preparing the ones "we" bought last time. Remember, I tried to say I had a lot of projects already, but someone thought I would enjoy another challenge.