Monday, February 21, 2011

Day for Running Around

We had a number of errands to run today and made an afternoon of it.  Dee K arrived today and we stopped by to tell her hello and welcome back.  Since she just got here and we were on our way out, we made it a short visit and look forward to seeing more of her in the days ahead.

On our way out of the park we ran across this little guy.  Last winter we had him or one like him near the motorhome for a long time.  He would spend time under the motorhome and then run across the road.  We thought he became a lunch for one of the resident coyotes, but it appears not. Great! 

Our water filter in the MH broke on Saturday and we had to find a replacement part.  We went to Camping World to find it and they didn't have any idea what I was talking about.  I had to walk around the store in order to find an employee and I was amazed at their lack on knowledge on the parts. 

We went to Home Depot today and found a replacement part that will fix the problem, however it doesn't have the quick disconnect piece that I need.  At least we can hook the water filter back up and have ice once again. 

There is a new Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara Grill and we like to stop there for Happy Hour and take advantage of $3.00 margaritas, $2.50 Dos XX in a 16 ounce glass and mini chimichangas as appetizers.  One round fills us up and satisfies our desire for Mexican food.  They have decorated the restaurant very well and it is a comfortable place to visit.  We took some pictures of the Grill today and have included them below. 

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