Sunday, April 3, 2011

On a Roll out here

The beat just goes on out here in Tucson with another record setting day for a high temperature.  It topped out at 94 today exceeding the old record by one degree.  We turned on the a/c early and it did real well until around 3pm when we turned the back unit on also.  That cooled it down 4 degrees real fast and my feet got cold.

This is the time of the year when all the snowbirds are fleeing back home.  Two friends stopped by to tell us goodbye and hope to see us next year.  One is leaving on Sunday and they are calling for high winds from noon on and we warned them about it.  They had checked the weather forecast and knew about the wind and were hedging their bet a little.  I hope they stay another day and avoid the bad weather.

The NCAA men's basketball final teams are all set with University of Connecticut playing Butler University for the national title.  I will be in the corner of Butler all the way.  I love to see the smaller schools do real well and win it all.  They don't get all the high school All Americans like the top 10 teams do and most of their players stay for 4 years and complete their degrees.  That is what it should be about.  Those one and done players are in it only for the path to a Pro Career.  Go Butler Bulldogs.  What a handsome mascot!

My brother is taking a load to Shady Grove, PA and will arrive on Sunday.  He will have to wait until Monday to unload and our daughter Cassie and family live about 12 miles from there.  She plans on meeting him and taking Dick & Sue back to her house for a nice Sunday dinner.  Wish we could be there with them.

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