Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild Day out West

We normally return to the East Coast via Oklahoma to see our son and his family.  Just about every time we made the trip there was some bad weather, so we decided to avoid it and take the Southern route back home.

Bad Move on our part.  We were tooling along and making great time when the skies started to blacken up and the wind picked up.  We pulled over on a side road to check the weather and found out we couldn't get back on I-10 for about 12 miles so we pulled over to the side of a Farm to Market road to sit it out.  That is when the S#&@ hit the fan.  The skies opened up and hard rain was followed by hail the size of tennis balls.  It hailed for 15-20 minutes and broke the windshield on the motor home and dinged the Saturn up with dimples.  I am not looking forward to climbing on the roof tomorrow to see what/if any damage there is there. 

We sat it out for about an hour and then found out the bad weather was coming back right in our area with tornado warnings out.  That is when we left the area.  

In the middle of all the above a beautiful deer came out to the brush and was eating along side of the road.  He was unconcerned with all the activity and hail.  All in a days work for him. 

Other than the above, it was a nice day.

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  1. Oh, my. You had quite a day. We're so glad you're both OK. Our day was the opposite, as you know. I'm so glad we took the northern route. It's a bit colder than we'd like but no storms.