Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gulf Shores, AL

The day started off with a bang today.  The grounds people at the campsite decided to beat the expected rain and cut the grass before 7AM.  That is right, 7AM!  What an idiot.  He had one of those mowers that your control with a joystick and a zero degree turning radius.  He was zooming around the motorhome and sounded like a helicopter for 20 minutes. 

As anyone who knows us we aren't morning people and last night we watched Rambo II until after 1AM.   5-6 hours of sleep isn't enough to make either of us pleasant to be around in the morning.  

Since we were up we decided to get ready to hit the road again.  About the time we went out to hitch up the car we got caught in a torrential downpour which lasted 20 or more minutes.  Then it sputtered for another 30 minutes and we finally got everything ready to go.

It was a short drive today to Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores AL.  We have the site across from where we were last October and have a great view of the lake and looking toward the ocean.  It rained on the way here but has cleared up real nice now and there are lots of kids all over the place.  Nice to see young kids again in a park.  

We will be here until Friday morning and then take a couple days to get to Concord, NC for all the festivities.  Seafood is on the horizon.

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  1. Just keep telling yourself "it's not a hurricane or a tornado". Happy trails.