Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bay St. Louis, MS

We got up early today and hit the road through Houston.  Even though it was a Sunday the traffic was heavy all the way to the east of Houston.  It didn't thin out until we were 30 miles east and then it was still heavy.

The wind picked up around noon and it was blowing so hard that the birds were walking rather than flying.  I kept my speed down and made steady progress.

We set Mandeville, LA as our destination for today and made such good time we kept going until we got to Bay St. Louis, MS and pulled into the Hollywood Casino campground for the night.  It is a nice campground with long pull throughs.  We got here in time to watch the Amazing Race after driving 425 miles.

Two of our very good friends both have had health issues this past week and are doing better now.  We wish them the best in their recovery.

Lastly, we hope everyone had a very happy Easter and enjoyed being with family and friends.

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