Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slow Days

There are two main events when you snowbird in RV parks for the winter.  Arrival & Departure.  It is always nice at arrival time when you see old friends from the season before and make plans on how you are going to spend the season.  Departure time is sad since you never know who you will see the next season.  We are at the end of departure time with less than two weeks to go.  

The park is looking deserted with many people having left already.  It seems like tax time and Easter are the main reasons that people leave a nice warm spot for the cold, snow and miserable weather still going on up north.  We got home early a couple years and regretted it so we will take our time getting back to the East Coast.

The weather has turned cooler and cloudy but it is a welcome relief from the record setting days last week.  

It seems we live in a small world out there in the Southwest.  My cousin Sharon and her husband Al are on their way back to Illinois and stopped in Gallup, NM at a campground.  Steve & Judy are on their way back to MN and stopped in Gallup, NM at the same campground and were a few spaces from them.  I was chatting with Judy and called Al to tell him they were almost neighbors.  He walked down and talked to them for a while and went back to his 5th wheel just before the rain stopped.  Small world, isn't it?

We still have a number of things to do on our bucket list before we leave here.  We have crossed off a number of things from the list in the last week and hope to cross off a few more in the next week.  Two Dr. visits remain and after that we are free to leave.  Now if we could decide on which way to drive back east.  Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Hope there's an evening with IL Ron and Dee on that list. I'll hope for dinner but settle for Happy Hour.