Monday, April 25, 2011

Touring Bay St. Louis

We decided to spend another day here in Bay St. Louis and check the area out.  It is amazing how many homes were destroyed and the only thing left are the stilts they used to be placed on.  Whole neighborhoods are now vacant lots with driveways leading into the lots.

We talked to a number of people and they all said many people left after Katrina and never returned.  Some new people have moved here after coming to help rebuild the area and many of them have stayed behind.  It has changed the character of the area very much.  We are very glad we weren't in this part of the country when Katrina went through.

The winds have continued to blow very strong all day and we drove along the beach toward Gulfport and two lanes of the road were covered in sand in many places.  It was blowing so hard that it looked like snow rather than sand.  The houses along the road in this road also were hit hard and many were destroyed.

We stopped at a dock on the way to Gulfport to check the price of shrimp.  Fresh 26ct shrimp with heads on were selling for $4.00/lb at the dock.  I tried to talk Gerry into buying some but since I can't eat shrimp she wouldn't buy some for herself.  Now that is true love.

We are watching the Weather Channel and it looks like Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Tenn are getting pounded with rain, flooding, tornadoes and all around bad weather.  In the past we have taken I-40 back East and that is where a lot of the bad weather is now.  Sure am glad we aren't there and feel sorry for those that are.  Hope they are safe.

I finally downloaded a picture taken the day we left Tucson for the trip east.  There was a train on a siding and I noticed one car had Illinois Central written on it, so I snapped a few quick pictures.  Check out the neat engine and two cars.

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