Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tax Time

I have been working on our taxes for a while now a little bit at a time.  Saturday was the big day to finalize them and send them off.  We have a very simple return with only a few odd ball deductions and in the past it has been simple to fill out.  What in the world have they done to the tax reporting for us?  What a mess.

I use Turbo Tax and depend on it to do the bulk of the work.  This time it said we owed money when I knew we were going to get some back.  I went over all the forms and finally figured out that one X mark was the culprit.  Once I changed it to the correct code all was well.

I think I would rather fight a grizzly bear rather than do taxes by hand.  It is way past time to simplify the tax code and make it easy enough for a college graduate to fill out their own tax forms.  Of course there would be a lot of accountants looking for other work.  I can't imagine they enjoy tax work anyway.

It rained all day on Saturday and we were cooped up and didn't get out much.  So today we took advantage of a beautiful day and went geocaching for a couple hours.  Once again we ran into some interesting caches and places we wouldn't have visited without geocaching.  Love it.  We have tried to find one cache a number of times and still can't find it.  The person who hid it even has a fake cache near the real one just to make it even more difficult.  Devious!  Some caches just aren't in the cards to add to the found list and get a smiley face.

We got home in time to see our favorite TV program, The Amazing Race.  We like the Cowboys and they were an hour behind very early and it didn't look like they would make it.  I won't tell you how it turned out in case you follow the show and missed the show this evening.  

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. WOW, what an exciting weekend. I'm glad we paid someone to do our taxes. They're done, submitted and waiting for the amount owed to be taken out of our bank account on one and add to on the other.
    Getting the Saguaro East itch. Hope there's some desert flowers in bloom.