Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Van Horn, TX

We thought we'd take our time and stop in Las Cruces for the night.  When we got about 30 miles out from the campground we called ahead to make sure they had space for us.  No problem.  Not quite.  They were in the midst of heavy winds up to 26mph with gusts even higher.  The wind was coming out of the west and was to our advantage, but they were calling for it to change directions overnight and be just as strong on Wednesday.  Not good.

We called a campground in Van Horn, TX and they had room, but wind was strong there, also, once again out of the west and changing.  We drove through to Van Horn and got another campsite for the night.  

We had some excitement on the highway this evening.  We went through the checkpoint on I-10 west of  Van Horn fine, but a few miles down the road a Mustang car went by us well over 100mph with the Border Patrol right on his tail.  Then we had a procession of police cars, truck, vans and what have you flying by us in pursuit of the Mustang.  They caught him about 15 miles down the road and it looked like a Border Patrol convention on the highway.  The windows on the Mustang were broken out and three policemen had him surrounded while they were taking his car apart.  I don't know what caused him to run other than a car load of drugs, or maybe a decoy. 

We intend to get an early start on Wednesday and get as far down the road as we can before the wind becomes a major problem for us.  They also have a warning up about smoke on the highway due to the great number of brush fires out here in West Texas.  Never a dull moment.

We paid $3.57 for gas in Anthony, TX and it will be a while before we see it that cheap again.  420 miles behind us and 2,200 to go.  

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  1. Glad you're doing OK. We just finished Arbys roast beef lunch. Heasinf for Iowa City for the night. Stopping early so we can get an early start for home tomorrow.