Monday, April 18, 2011

Packing Out Day

It's been a busy couple days lately with my brother arriving for a short visit on Sunday.  He was on his way to San Diego with a load and stopped by for dinner with us.  He bought a new GPS just for truckers and it sure has a ton of features to learn.  Very powerful.

We started getting everything ready for a Tuesday departure if at all possible.  It takes a while to get everything organized after sitting in one place for 5 months.  Plus, we always accumulate more "stuff" and then have to find a place to store it.  This year we were especially bad and it will be tight in the motor home.  

It looks like we will take the southern route back this time to do something different.  It is always exciting to drive across tornado alley and the windy plains of Texas.  

We drove by the Pima County Fairgrounds to look at the fair going on now.  It looks like a real nice fair and if it wasn't so hot we may have attended this year.  They placed the rides and stands right where the campground is located.  It is handy that way since they have water, sewer and electric all over the place.

Our friend Ron K. went to Show Low and disappeared from the face of the earth.  We hope he is ok up there.    

That was our excitement for last couple days.

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