Saturday, April 23, 2011

Quiet Day in Texas

Nothing exciting to report today.  We checked with two local RV parts departments here in Katy, TX to see if they had the needed vent covers, etc and they didn't.  It will take until Tuesday at the earliest to receive the parts and then another day to install them.  That would put us to far behind schedule so we have fixed a temp repair and will continue on East Sunday to stay ahead of some bad weather coming in Monday.  

We drove to a Costco today and picked up some needed items and then to Kroger to finish off the list.  Costco parking lot was a Zoo and these Texans don't know the meaning of courtesy.   It is a "me first" world out here and don't get in my way.   No problem as long as your understand the rules.

We decided to geo cache a little bit on the the way back and managed to pick up 4 of them including 800 & 801 finds.  The 800 find was in a garden center and we arrived after close of business to look for it.  That was a good thing since it was a difficult find, but we managed.  The next and last find was on Old Igloo road which is right down the road from the Igloo cooler factory.  We'd like to shop there on Monday but have to get on the road.

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  1. Glad you had time to do a little Geo cashing. You've been entirely to busy with storms and storm damage. Hope the rest of your trip is an easy skate.