Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools day

Well, it looks like nature played an April Fools joke on us out here in Tucson.  Check the temp on the thermometer  inside the motor home.  The  number on the lower left is outside in direct sunlight while the 81.6 is inside the motor home.  We had one a/c running and were very comfortable.  Saturday's forecast is for hotter weather here.

The official temp here in Tucson was 95 degrees which was a record by 4 degrees, but out here in Vail with direct sunlight it was warmer.  I think it was more like 100 degrees in the area.  In any case, it was hot.

Gerry decided it was too hot to cook and she didn't have any fish, so it was off to the Guadalajara Grill for a fish dinner.  We made it in time for happy hour and stayed for the Mariachi band to play a few songs and then left.  We had our usual great time there and will miss the place when we leave here.

We stopped to check for a cache on the way home and a Jeep drove up to our car and I asked them if they were geocachers.  They said they were looking for a bobcat that was in the area. It ran into the area where we were looking and decided it would be more interesting to see the bobcat.  No such luck.  

The 10pm TV news just ran a story about a 16 yr old girl being shot and killed and a 17 yr old girl being shot after some problems at a local high school.  When we were coming home from dinner a police car was on Broadway and we were making a left turn onto Broadway.  The cruiser pulled into the intersection and blocked all traffic and we were the last car through.  The shooting occurred a few blocks up Broadway and it was just luck that we weren't coming down the road then.  Close call.

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