Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Barbara

Happy Birthday to our daughter Barbara.  Three years ago she was with us on her birthday and returned to NC in the evening to celebrate it with her family and her brother.  We wish she could have made it this year also.  We will see her in a month and can celebrate it with her a little more.

We knocked out one Drs visit today after they called us and said we could come in 3 hours early if we wanted to.  Yes, we did want to get it out of the way.  All was fine with the Dr and ran some errands, shopping and had lunch at Olive Garden.  Plus, we managed to find 9 geocaches and then headed back to the MH.  

The day started at 6am with a text msg from  ATT wireless telling us they processed our automatic payment.  Thanks a lot fellas.  I just hate that when it happens since we can't fall back asleep easily after a phone call in the night.

We just watched Gary Bussey on the Jay Leno show tonight and can't decide if he is crazy or just acting crazy.  In any case he is far out there on the edge.  Interesting!

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