Friday, March 1, 2013

Rental Car & PT

Hang in there with me blog readers.  Barb & Henry will be here starting Sunday and we should be out touring around and finding some interesting places to visit.  Maybe even a few photos of new sites.

March came in like a lamb out here in Tucson.  Sunny and warm days and back to normal temps.  Love it.

In the meantime, PT was on tap and this was the day they measured my progress.  I am pretty much on schedule and if I increased my PT at home I will be fine.  The knee is sore more lately, but they say that is part of the healing process.  Now I have to rub the knee and break down the scar tissue by hand.  It doesn't hurt so that is a good thing.

The rear door on the Saturn will not open and we didn't have time to get it repaired, so Gerry decided that a rental car would be a good option.  Costco has a rental car program with various agencies and I checked out Enterprise first.  They seemed a little high so I included Avis & Budget rent a car in the process.  What a difference in prices.  A full size car at Enterprise was $195/week while Budget had one for $104 on the same date.  Adios Enterprise.

It's been a long time since we rented a car so pricing and models have changed over the years.  When I think of a full sized car, Chevy, Olds, Pontiacs come to mind.  You can tell that it was while ago since Olds & Pontiacs are no longer being produced.  Budget did say they had Chevy Impalas as a full size car so that is what we went with.  Imagine my surprise when Gerry showed up with the keys to a Volkswagen PassatFull Size!!!!   I think not.  It is very roomy inside and the ride was fine on the way back to the RV park.  It should work out just fine for us.

We had a little more shopping to do and then it was back to the MH and collapse time.  Thankfully there wasn't much on TV so I went to bed early.  What that means is I wake up around 4pm and wonder what to do at that time of night.  I guess I could call my FSINLINC and talk to him, but I don't think that would fit into his plans for a good early morning.

As you can see, we do live an exciting life.  That was our day.  How was yours?

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