Wednesday, March 13, 2013

PT Day & A/C works

It's seems to be a little early for such warm temperatures in Tucson with temps up to the low 90s.  It was just a week or so ago that we were in the low 50s for a high.  It would be nice if we could average these temps and stay around 70+ for the next month or so.  

Late in the afternoon I turned the a/c on in the motorhome to make sure they worked as expected.  I am happy to report they did fine and it was comfortable in the motorhome very quickly.  The thought of sitting in an a/c MH all day doesn't excite me very much.  I'd prefer to sit outside in the shade and enjoy the weather.

They had an end of the season party at the pool today, but it was held right in the middle of my PT session and I couldn't make it.  I heard it was smaller than usual and many people were surprised how low the attendance was.  The park has been changing over the years and it is really evident this year how much.  In the past the park would be almost full from Dec-April, however this season I don't think it ever got to 80% full.  I wonder what that is all about.

The PT session was a little more difficult and I got a good workout from Ian.  He introduced some new exercises and a couple were difficult to perform.  Most were about flexibility and balance.  I did ok on the balance but the flexibility part made it more interesting.  The worst part is that just a few years ago these would have been a piece of cake to do for me.  Hopefully the flexibility will come back over time.

We stopped by and visited with cousin Sharon and Al for a while in the late afternoon.  They were sitting in there 5th wheel without the a/c on and it was hot in there.  Neither of them really care much for a/c and were comfortable with the temp.  We haven't been over there since January and it was nice seeing them again.  They plan on leaving around March 28 and heading in the general direction of Las Vegas and then through Death Valley and winding up in Yosemitie Nat'l park sometime in April or early May.  Have a great trip guys.

More people are sitting outside and we managed to stop and chat with Steve & Judy and a little later with Ron & Dee.  Dee had an important appointment she couldn't miss (Bingo) and had to cut short the visit.  It's too bad we don't have more weather like this so we can get out and socialize more.

I hope you all had a great day We did.     

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  1. Our park here in FL hasn't been full this year either. Maybe the economy...don't know.
    Hope Al and Sharon turn on that air. These things are like tin cans in 90 degree weather. Will be 120 inside. Glad your PT is going good.