Sunday, March 3, 2013

NASCAR & Road Trip

This is catch up time for me on the blog.  We've been busy the last few days and I didn't have the time or energy to write the blog.

Sunday we took a road trip to Phoenix to pick up Barbara & Henry after the Phoenix Subway 500 NASCAR race.  They went to the race with Henry Sr & Liz, (parents) and we waited in the Hilton Garden INN Hotel lobby for them to get back from the race.

In the meantime, Herbert, Erin and the family were in Phoenix for a Karate tournament.  Christopher participated in the 10-12 age group and wound up 1st & 3rd in his events.  He lost to a 12 year old in the one event and beat everyone in the other.  Pretty good for a 10 year old.

Christopher  1st place

We left for Phoenix early to visit with Erin and family and they arrived at the hotel as we were walking in from the parking lot.  Great timing.  The lobby had one section that had a fireplace and a sitting area that was out of the way.  We sat and visited for over an hour with them.  The twins were fascinated by the scar on my knee and asked a million questions.  Caden kept touching the scar and running his hand over it.  Thank God he has a light touch.  We had a nice visit and then it was time for them to begin their long trek back to Park City, UT.  They were stopping in St. George, UT for the night, but that still was an eight hour drive for them and it was after 5pm when they left for the long drive. 

Christopher, Abigail, Larry Sr, Caden  Back - Herbert & Erin
    We waited for the NASCAR rowdies to show up after Erin & family left and the rowdies arrived about 30 minutes later.  We chatted in the lobby and then loaded the luggage in the car and headed for a local BBQ place for dinner.  We managed to stuff ourselves and chatted up a storm with Henry Sr & Liz and then began the trek back to Tucson.  It was great seeing them again as usual.

We had a 2 hour plus drive ahead of us and we left the restaurant  and arrived home after 10pm.  By this time my knee was barking at me and demanded some attention.  I can't drive if I take pain pills, so it was a pain pill free day for me.  Ouch!

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  1. Be careful Larry and don't over do and son't stop the exersiseing. You ned to keep the knee limber so it won't stiffen up on you.
    take care. Linda