Friday, March 22, 2013

Counting Basketballs

Whew, this has been a marathon for me the past few days.  It is March Madness time and I am on overload with all the NCAA basketball games being played.  I enjoy watching all the teams play since I don't get a chance to see many of them during the regular season.

The experts pick the various teams and rank them 1-16 and break them down into 4 groups.  Basically, the highest ranked team in each group plays the lowest ranked team in their group.  The best games tend to be games between the 8-9 teams since they are more evenly matched.  

The games are televised on 4 different TV channels, so a good clicker is essential to have.  Then you have time outs, halftime, time between games and those are dead time if you only watch one team.  I manage to catch significant portions of games and keep my eye on the other games.  When it gets down to the end of a game and it is close I switch over to that TV channel.

Today was a good day for me since I always pick a team to win for one reason or the other.  Other than NC State losing, it was a winner for me.  Seeing Georgetown lose to a #15 team was sweet.  No, I am not a Georgetown fan.  They play a slow down, defense oriented offense and it is boring to watch.  I like to see some running and shooting, not pass, pass, etc. and then shoot.

Larry Jr. called us this evening and told us to turn to the ESPN channel where the U.S. was playing Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifying game.  The U.S. team wore white jerseys and the game was played in a blizzard.  They had to constantly dig up the sideline and goal box markers but couldn't keep up.  Part way into the 2nd half they wanted to call the game and finish it later, but the players said to let it go and finish it now.  The referee has the final say and he let it continue.  The U.S. scored in the 16th minute and that was the final score.  The U.S. needed this win badly and the team pulled it out.

We are experiencing extremely high pollen count and high winds.  That is a bad combination since the pollen is everywhere.  We are feeling better from last week, so I hope this doesn't set us back.

Now it is time to go to bed and I guess I will count basketballs instead of sheep tonight.  Goodnight all.     


  1. Well being the basketball fan that you are you will be jealous to know that Sean & Jared scored tickets to the championship game in Atlanta on Monday night April 8th...or as they say...ROAD TRIP!!!


  2. Well, being the super great grandsons they are I guess they will offer me a ticket. I will check into Southwest Airlines about a ticket. Can they pick me up at the airport? Looking forward to seeing them.

    LOL Fat chance of that happening.