Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sharon & Al join the carnival

Cousin Sharon and husband Al have spent the winter at the Pima County Fairgrounds campground.  They really like it over there and they have a great view of the Santa Rita mountains, plus they have free access to many of the free events that are held there.  The events held in the buildings usually have an entrance fee, but otherwise they have access to a number of free shows.

They can only stay until the end of March since the Pima County Fair starts around mid April and they have to set up the rides, booths, etc.  This year the carnival people decided to show up early and they have taken over one section of the fairgrounds and that is the section where Sharon & Al are staying.  I think they like the carnival so much that they are going to join it soon.  What about it Sharon & Al?

Sharon & Al plus friend.

This is what they are facing now until they leave on Friday morning for Las Vegas.  

Sleeping quarters on the way in.

6 sleeping quarters.
 I'm not sure where they all came from but the park is filling up fast.  They have others parked in another section of the park, along with many rides.  One ride takes up two semi-trailers and looks to be quite large.  

We've been here for many of the County Fairs, but it is usually too hot to walk around the place.  There aren't that many rides for people our age either, but they do have some nice entertainers at the Fair.

Free entertainment - click below.

Pima County Fair entertainment 



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