Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks Day & Christmas

This is going to be a two-fer day for the blog.  We have two Xmas cacti that we haul around in the motorhome and they bloom twice a year, but never bloom at the same time.  The larger of the two decided that it is Christmas and is in full bloom.  It definitely adds some color to the motorhome.

We had visitors this morning real early.  Our neighbors Frank & Jan came a visiting.  Actually, they wanted to wish us a Happy St. Patricks day and it looked like they were in the celebration mood.  They both were decked out, but Jan didn't have her hat with her.  Frank is part Irish & German, much like my heritage.  They were heading for their son's house to watch the NASCAR race and only stayed a few minutes.  Party on Frank & Jan.

The park had a season ending yard sale with many of the people selling various items.  Our neighbor, Jan, makes super great purses and had some on a table in front of their motorhome for sale.  Gerry can't resist a bargain and checked out some of them and found one that she really liked and there went some $$$, but she is happy.  What do you think of this purse?

Gerry is getting ready to go to the 1st Annual Stamping show at the Tucson Expo Center.  We went there late yesterday and she only had time to scope it out and now she wants to go back an pick up all the bargains.  Maybe she will take the new purse and fill it with must have stamps and supplies.  I am not into walking the aisles at these events, so I will stay behind and guard the motorhome.  

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