Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Bikers

I was up early this morning and drove by the campsite for the bikers who came in yesterday.  They were all gone before 8 AM and the support crew was taking down the tents.  They have two rental trucks that they pack the tents, luggage, food, etc into and the large one was almost full.  They pack up, move to the next spot, setup, sleep and repeat this drill for 52 times to complete the trip.  Sounds like a lot of work for the crew.

Later on in the day at PT one of the staff heard me mention the biker group and she said they left right in the middle of rush hour and caused some cars to stop real suddenly.  I guess they took up a lane and cars coming upon them had to brake really hard.  The way they drive around here on the secondary roads would prevent me from riding a bike out there.  I wish them luck.

Sharon, Al, Ron K, Gerry and I went to McGraws Tucson Cantina for dinner today.  Sharon loves the artichoke dip and orders it all the time.  It comes in a huge dish and she can barely finish half of it and then enjoys the remainder the next day for lunch or dinner.  Gerry and I weren't that hungry and ordered a Nachos Grande for dinner and split it.  We almost finished it off, but couldn't handle it all.  It was good, but very filling.

The pollen level is still very high, around 10.2 out a of a possible 12.  Thursday is forecast to be in the 11+ range, so that will mean a/c all day and no fresh air except when I go to PT.

BTW:  The boss was my PT person today and she gave me a good workout and I could barely walk out of the place.  She is great, but does work me very hard.  She will be there Thursday also and I will have to really work to get ahead of her. 

No pain, no gain.



  1. I do not look forward to the pollen...hopefully we will have plenty of rain to wash it away! Our trees are just starting to bloom but it is suppose to cool back off this week. BTW they ride bikes by our house and those roads are small too. They ride where they want...I guess someone has to get hit before they will learn.


  2. That is right Larry no pain no gain. So when all the pain goes away you will know that you have gained everything that was intended to be done.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Linda,

    Thanks for all the encouragement re my knee replacement. It's going along better than I thought and hopefully I can get the other one replaced in October with the same doctor. If so, then it will be back to Tucson once again.

    Hope to see you and Sherwin in the Fall.