Monday, March 25, 2013

The Things You See In A RV Park

I was heading out for some groceries and noticed a van with a large trailer attached to it.  The other day the van was there but not the trailer.  Or, maybe I overlooked the trailer.

During the Canadian breakfast they handed out some Jelly Bellys with some of their giveaway prizes.  Gerry loves Jelly Bellys and quickly took charge of the ones they gave us.  The people with the van and trailer were the ones who contributed them for the breakfast.

Ed & Wendy Jones travel all over to fairs, drag races, airshows and wherever they are invited.  He has a souped up stage coach that does wheelies at over 100 mph.  He performed at the drag races Saturday night along with two jet powered trucks.  His stage coach and jet trucks would have been worth the price of admission and if we had known about it, we would have been sitting in the stands watching him perfrom.

Ed Jones
Wendy Jones

Stage coach painting on trailer.

Ed sits in the glassed in area in front of the coach.
  They said Jelly Belly and Lucas Oil are their two sponsors and they have been making a living this way for the past 36 years.  He performs the work on the coach and also is the driver.  When he gets the coach around 100mph he controls it by levers on both sides that make it run straight and true.

Double click below for a shot of his act.

Ed "The Outlaw" Jones 

They were packing up and getting ready to leave and I only managed to talk to them for 10-15 minutes, but they were very friendly and interesting people.  They said they would be back next year and maybe we can chat with them a little longer.  You really don't know who you will meet in the RV lifestyle.

Sunday was more basketball and I finally had my fill and had to get out and take a ride into the countryside.  


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