Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter & Everyone is leaving us

It seems like everyone pays for the campsites by the month and Monday is the beginning of a new month.  Hard to believe April is here already.  Friends Gerry & Dorothy came by to say goodbye since they are leaving for Iowa on Tuesday.  Our neighbors to the left of us got their truck repaired early and pulled out today.  Steve & Judy, Cliff & Ginny are leaving Monday morning.  Lynne & Jim also are leaving on Monday.  

This place will be deserted by the time we leave here in late April.  If we didn't have doctor appointments, we would be out of here also, but the knee doctor says to wait until he checks me out on April 11.  Then we have eye doctor appointments late April and can't leave until then.  Medicare will only pay for a checkup once a year and that is what is keeping us around. 

The weather has turned for the better and it was great this evening.  We had a couple chores to do and were able to ride around with the windows down and no a/c.  Super.  Ron K fired up his Harley this morning and hit the road also.  He said it was great weather for riding his bike.  

Other than the above, it was a slow day.

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter and they find all the eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies they want.


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  1. Wish we were there to visit with you. Next fall we will see you.