Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hacienda Del Lago Golf Club & Bottled Water

The big topic of the day around here was the record setting high temperature we had.  The old record was broken by 5 degrees and the high reached 92.  Average temp for this day is 71.  Yes, it was hot and the a/c got a little workout.

Gerry had a card crafting session to attend and I went on a bottle water run at Costco.  We needed some other items so I combined them into one shopping trip.  Costco was crowded as usual, but when I got to the bottle water section I was very surprised.  They usually have a number of pallets of water stacked high and into the aisle.  Not so today and what water was there was being grabbed by people picking up multiple cases.  I managed to snag a case and then had to wend my way out the of area.  I wonder if these people knew something that I didn't?

Since it was so hot outside, Gerry wasn't that interested in doing any cooking and heating up the motorhome.  She has been wanting to go to the Hacienda Del Lago Golf Club for dinner for a long time and tonight was the time to go.  We could have sat on the beautiful patio, but I was concerned about the heat.  Bad move on my part We should have dined out there.  There is a beautiful view of the golf course from the patio with the Rincon mountains in the background.

They have a very nice restaurant, full menu and great service.  The prices were reasonable for what you got and we will be going back there again before we leave.  I ordered the club sandwich and it was so large I could only eat half of it.  Gerry had a steak sandwich and brought back home half of the sandwich also.  She had a nice margarita and since I have been congested, I ordered an Irish Coffee.  It really it hit the spot.  If you are in the Vail, AZ area check it out for lunch or dinner.  Oh, they also golf there.

Our neighbor at the park works next to a bagel bakery and brought us over a huge bag of bagels.  That's after he took a number for them.  We've had the bagels before and they are great.  It looks like we will be freezing some bagels for later use.  Yumm! 


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