Thursday, September 2, 2010

Road Trip

Gerry and I left the cabin today around 1:30pm for our trip to Illinois.  We had made reservations at a motel near Springfield, Ohio so there wasn't any reason to leave real early.  It took us 7 1/2 hours to drive the 400+ miles to the motel.

We got on I-68 near Hancock, MD and headed west through some very pretty mountains.  Along the way we had to cross over Sideling Hill just west of Hancock and it is neat to see how much they cut into the mountain in order to keep the grade reasonable.  

A short distance away is a very pretty farm nestled in the side of the mountain.  It is beautiful in the winter with all the snow as a backdrop.  Cold too!  The road through this area has some steep climbs and sharp descents.  Not bad in a car but a little more difficult in the motorhome.

The Pennsylvania Welcome Center in I-79 has a statue to John L. Lewis to honor the coal miners.  PA is undermined by large coal fields and was/is heavily unionized.  John L. Lewis got his start in Panama, IL which is about 15 miles from where Gerry and I were born.  He was there a number of years and then moved to bigger things and more palatial digs.  The area around Panama broke away from his union and started the Progressive Mine Workers union causing a lot of problems for the miners in the area.

We had an uneventful drive and made very good time.  We missed rush hours and the traffic was light for the most part.  Other than a gas stop, a Russell Stover candy stop, and dinner it was a great drive.

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