Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mammoth Cave & Superb Dinner

The trip for the day was to Mammoth Cave National Park with Gerry, Dino, Melita & Adnon taking the cave tour.  I have been on cave tours before and knew that my sore back would not let me take this one.  They took the 2 hour tour and had a great time while I made some parking lot phone calls and chatted with a couple people in the parking lot.  The time went by very quickly for me.

It was a little slower for the gang down below on the two mile hike with all the steps and narrow passages.  I would not have been able to squeeze through those places.  Mammoth Cave is said to be the largest known cave in the world as of now.  We took our grand daughter Stephanie there many years ago and she loved it.

We stopped by an orchard near Bowling Green and picked up some fruit and vegetables on the way back.  Later that evening Adnon's sister prepared a typical Bosnian meal for the four of us and it was great.  We tried some new foods that we had never seen before and managed to stuff ourselves very well.  Loved it!

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