Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Melita & Adnon - Corvette Museum

Gerry has been exchanging letters and emails with her cousin Melita for 15 years and they have never met face to face.  That all changed today as we joined them in Bowling Green, KY.  Their nephew Dino brought them to the motel and they had a happy meeting outside the office.  I got there after the initial squeals and hellos but did get this picture with smiles all around.  

We followed them to a Starbucks cafe and had a round of coffee with them and planned our day.  Dino had to work so we decided to visit the Corvette assembly plant and then the museum.  It was only after we arrived at the museum that the girls learned they needed closed toe shoes to go on the tour and neither had brought them.  The went on the museum tour and I waited for them in the Corvette delivery hall since my back was acting up.  I called my friend Mann who is a proud owner of a Corvette and asked him if he needed anything from the gift shop.  He told me to walk down by the first Corvettes being delivered and wave to him on the cameras there.  Neat.  I did so and when Melita, Adnon and Gerry finished the tour Mann captured the picture below of us.  

We joined them for dinner later that evening with Adnon sister at the restaurant where Dino works and had a great meal.  The food was great and service even better.  We got home stuffed and ready for bed.  Great day all around.

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