Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain & More Doctors

Boy, our life has been in a rut lately with all the tasks to be finished before we head down to North Carolina for the wedding and then our trip out west.  Things will get better.

Yesterday while we were down in Silver Spring doing one of our tasks, I got a phone call from my back doctors office.  They said the Open MRI that I had a week or so ago didn't come out clear and I had to take a closed MRI before I came in for my appointment the next day.  Talk about rush.  They set me up with another imaging organization and I went in at 7:30am for the MRI.  Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant experience but I made it through fine.

The Dr. said my back and disks looked much better than he thought it would and that in time with exercise it would get better.  Of course with all the running around yesterday and that morning it didn't feel better.  I am confident it will improve and I should be back to normal soon.  Whatever normal is!

Did I say it is raining cats and dogs out here.  Part of the tropical storm is moving up the East Coast and dumping a tremendous amount of rain.  They had 4.5 inches at 9am in Frederick, MD and it has been raining all day.  What a mess.

Of course this was the day Gerry took Cassie to Baltimore Washington International airport for her flight to Oklahoma City, OK to help Larry Jr & Jane pack out of their house.  She is going to drive one truck and Larry Jr. the other and hope to leave this Saturday.  I don't envy them with all the work ahead of them and then a 1350 miles drive towing cars on trailors. 

It is still raining as I write this and looks like it will be another all night rain.  Nice sleeping weather.


  1. Where are Larry Jr family moving to? I didn't know they were moving. You didn't tell me. Now I'm confused. LOL. Is Larry Jr the LE Clark that keeps coming up on my Facebook as a possible friend?
    If it is I'm going to ask him all kinds of questions about you. LOL

  2. A belated happy Birthday Gerry, sounds like you had a great day.
    Happy travels when you all get started on your trek to CCRV. Gald to see you both are doing very well.
    Larry take care of that back.

    Happey days to you both,