Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday & Football

Happy Birthday Cassie

Today is our daughter Cassie's birthday and we had lunch with her to help celebrate the occasion.  I had a therapy appointment early and a schedule MRI later so we managed to fit lunch with her at the 5 Guys Restaurant.  It was our first time at the restaurant and we enjoyed the food very much.  

I went to the open MRI and it went very well.  I am not sure how well I would do on an old fashioned tube type MRI but this one was a piece of cake.  They gave me a CD with the results and it contained a program to be able to view the MRI.  I looked but haven't the foggiest idea what I was looking at and if it was good or bad.  Dr Fitzpatrick will review it and let me know.  Fitzpatrick was my grand mother's maiden name.  No relation to the Dr.

We picked up 5 more geocaches on the way to Cassie & Jack's after the MRI.  A couple caches were hard and interesting while the others were standard. easy urban caches.  Can't wait to get back in the desert and pick up some interesting caches.

We stopped by Cassie's house to have some birthday cake but my sore tooth really began to act up and pain was shooting through my head.  Two tylenols, Orajel pain formula and an hour later it calmed down.  Needless to say I wasn't fit company and we left early.  German Chocolate cake is one of my favorites and I hope they save me some.

Back to the cabin and we built a fire it was so cool up here.  Supposed to be down in the 40s tonight and I think it will make it.  The fire was nice and warmed up the cabin quite a lot.  

So, that was our day and we are one day closer to heading out west again.  With all the medical problems we aren't sure when we will actually get out of here.  We may travel to the wedding in the car and then return and pack up the MH and leave, but we would prefer to pack up, go to the wedding and then continue out west.  Quien sabe?

I knew that when I mentioned all my football teams winning that I would jinx them.  The Redskins lost in overtime, Terps in regular time and Illinois won.  1 for three isn't very good.  At least the others played fairly well so that is a good thing.  Now to get my Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team out of being the worst team in professional baseball.  That is something for next year or the year thereafter.

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  1. Larry, are you going to make it to Thursday? You sound like you're getting old. Take care of yourself and go to the dentist as your birthday present.