Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Day of Remembrance

We shall never forget this day and the cowardly act by the terrorists.

We left the hotel late today and made the 6 hour trip back to the cabin stopping twice for gas and once for lunch.  The drive up I-79 in West Virginia is a beautiful drive with lots of twists and turns on the interstate.  It seems like there isn't a single section of the road that is straight for more than 100ft and you are either going up a hill or down.  Nice drive in a car but would really burn up the gas in a motor home.

We stopped by Cassie & Jacks house to pick up the mail and visit for a few minutes.  They were heading out to dinner and we needed to get some provisions for the cabin.

We had a great time the past week or so but it is always nice to get back to the cabin and take it easy.

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