Sunday, September 26, 2010

Refrigerator Repair

My son-in-law Jack finished repairing the refrigerator in the motor home this weekend.  He had almost completed the job on Saturday but needed about an hour more to finalize the repair.  The frig is working fine now and making ice and cooling properly.  What a relief.  It has been holding us up from loading the motor home for our fall trip and now we don't have any excuses.

Jack also fixed a couple other problems on the motor home and it is shipshape and ready to go.  I really appreciate all the work he has done on the MH and we will take him out to dinner asap.  

Our neighbor Bob came over and helped lift the frig back into the slot where it belongs.  I held it steady while they lifted it the 1 ft required to be in place.  They most likely have sore backs now from the heavy lifting and will join me in the sore back club.  I hope not.  It is nice to have neighbors that you can count on to help when you need it.

Bob has been cutting firewood the last couple weekends and has about 10 cords split and stacked under cover.  He said the acorns were larger and more numerous than usual so he expect a cold winter.  The firewood is used along with a propane furnace but the firewood greatly reduces his propane expense.  Since he has a number of trees on his property and I have some dead ones also he is taking advantage of  the firewood.  

My beloved Redskins really stunk up the place in St. Louis today.  It looked like they were finishing up a terrible season and trying to get home early.  If they don't play better soon, some of them will be going home early.  St. Louis wanted this game badly and it showed by how well they played. 

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