Monday, September 6, 2010

Travel Day

It was hard to believe but today was our travel day down to Bowling Green, KY to see Gerry's cousin & husband from Croatia.  We met Jeanie, Dick, & Sue at Jubelts Restaurant in Litchfield, IL for breakfast.  It is one of our favorite stops since they have the best pastry in the area, plus a decent breakfast.  It is located next to the Ariston Cafe and is quite old also.  

After breakfast we stopped by a Florist shop to get a flower arrangement for the gravesite of Gerry's parents and then drove back to Gillespie to pack up and hit the road.  We had a great time in Gillespie and enjoyed seeing all the relatives and friends.  Too bad we only get to see them once a year since we always enjoy their company.

We stopped by the cemetery and then pointed the car south for Bowling Green, KY which was about 300 miles away.  It was an easy 6 hour drive and we got settled in and called Melita to setup a meeting for Wednesday morning.  Then it was off to bed for a much needed good night sleep.

We did get a nice picture of a country church on the way down to here.  

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