Friday, September 3, 2010

Road Signs

Friday was a long day for us with making the drive from Ohio to Illinois, visiting and getting to bed very late.  We continued to collect state welcome signs except for Ohio where we got this photo on the way out.  One of these days we will have all of the lower 48 states to go along with the Alaska welcome sign.  Hard to get a photo of the Hawaii welcome sign from a car.

Indiana was more cooperative and Gerry got a good shot of it after letting a big truck clear the view.  Getting a truck out of the view is very difficult on I-70 due to the extremely high number of trucks on the road.  At least the state is flat and they can pass each other fairly quickly, unlike eastern Ohio with their small hills that cause a lot of congestion due to trucks passing each other.

Illinois doesn't spend a lot of money on their signs welcoming you to the state.  We almost missed this sign since it was on the overpass.  It is always good to get back into Illinois even though we moved away 53 years ago.  I still refer to it as home while Gerry corrects me to say Maryland is home now. 

We went out to dinner with our niece Jeanie, my brother Dick and his friend Sue at a small Italian restaurant in Gerry's hometown of Benld, IL.  It is very small, but has excellent food and service.  This was our reward for having dinner there.  It tasted as good as it looks.  Trust me!

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