Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Gerry

This was the day that Gerry caught me in age.  

Happy Birthday Gerry

It wasn't a great day to celebrate her birthday since she had a Doctor's appointment down in Silver Spring, MD which is a 2 hour drive.  The appointment went well and she is cleared to travel as soon as we can get ready.

I had an appointment with the hearing aid specialist and she adjusted the volume on the hearing aids and also added another setting.  I am not sure I like the new settings since sounds are much louder.  
We had 4 other tasks to do while we were in the area and didn't get on our way back until after 4pm.  We tried the Beltway to see if it was quicker than the back roads and immediately got into a traffic jam.  A private school bus from Pennsylvania was on the way home when the driver had a seizure or something and died.  The bus went down a 45 ft embankment, turned over once and landed on it's wheels.  A number of the students were injured but none seriously.  It tied up traffic for over 4 hours.  We were lucky and made it through in 30 minutes or so.

We made dinner plans with Cassie, Jack & Lexa to have dinner at the Olive Garden in Frederick, MD.  We timed it great and pulled into the parking lot at the same time and had a great meal.  
They were acting up in the restaurant and we captured this silly photo.  I think the people around us were wondering if we were crazy.

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