Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doctors & Dentists

I was able to get an appointment with Cassie's dentist today and went in to see what he could do for me.   I was hoping for a filling and get out of there easy like that, but nothing is that easy.  He checked my tooth and said the solution was a Root Canal for me.  He asked when I wanted it done and I said right now.  Lo & behold, my wish was granted much to my surprise.  He drilled, filled and generally made my jaw so sore I couldn't even yell at him.  2 hours later I walked out of there a pain free man.

All that ended about 3 hrs later when the novacaine wore off and it was extra strength tylenol time once again.  That made it bearable and I was able to sleep at night.  I have to go back at 8AM Tuesday morning and have him finish the job, but the difficult part is over.  The hardest part of this visit will be getting there at 8AM.  

I did manage to find three geo caches before the dentist visit since I got there so early.  Small victories are so sweet.

Jack came over to work on the MH refrigerator and put it back together.  The new part didn't fit and he wanted to check with Norcold before he trimmed the sides.  They said that was what he had to do and Saturday will be the big day for the final installation.  Yea!

Workhorse sent me the recall letter for the brake caliper repair and I have to schedule it with the local Workhorse dealer.  No telling when that will be finished.  If it is too late I will drive the MH to Tucson and get the repair finished there.  The brakes are working fine since I had them repaired 2 years ago.  Keeping my fingers crossed they will continue to do so.

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