Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Doctor visits & Trip Preparation

Gerry and I made the trip down to see our Doctors again today for follow up visits.  All is well.  I went to the audio specialist and had my hearing aids tuned up.  It is real neat to see how they do the tuneup.  They can either place a wireless device around your neck or hook you up to the computer with wires.  In either case she can see how many hours a day I have been using the aids, what the battery life is and which ear I use to talk on the phone.  I was more interested in the computer program that she was using than actually getting something done with the hearing aids.

I bought a battery tester for the hearing aids since I wanted to get an idea how long the batteries would last.  So far I am getting a good long life out of the first two batteries and it looks like they will last another week or so at least.  That would be great if I got 3-4 weeks of use out of them and since she gave me 40 batteries, I will be in good shape for a long time.

Gerry wasn't as fortunate with her ear appointment and has to go back in for another cleaning. It seems she has some scar tissue and debris blocking the ear.  She will have to get a general anesthetic so they can dig down deeper.  I think she would rather fight Mike Tyson than go through more poking around in her ear.  She took it like a champ and will do whatever it takes to make it right.

We plan on leaving Thursday for a visit to Illinois to see relatives and friends.  We will stay there until Tuesday morning and then head to Bowling Green, KY to see a cousin of Gerry's from Croatia.  They have been corresponding for the past 16 years and have never actually met face to face.  We are looking forward to seeing her and her husband for a few day.

We found our 600th geocache today after the Dr appointments.  The GPS routed us the long way to find the caches, but we did get to see a new area of Frederick, MD where the caches were located.  I would like to say they were interesting and difficult finds, but that would be a lie.  Both were very easy to find so we didn't even bother taking a picture.

This will be my last posting for August, 2010.

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