Thursday, August 26, 2010

Norcold Refrigerator

We have a 4 door Norcold 1200LRIM refrigerator in the motorhome and have loved it since we bought the Southwind in 2002.  About a month ago the frig went on the frittz and there was a heavy ammonia smell in the MH.  Very heavy smell.  Luckily, it was detected early by our son-in-law Henry and I unplugged the unit and shut it down.  Then the fun began.

I looked into replacing the frig thinking $1500 or so would buy us a new one.  I was off by over $2000 on my estimate.  I found them from $3600 to $4300 for a new one plus installation at $100/hour.  WHEW!  Then I started looking for a new part to fix the old unit.  That part ranged from $1400-1600 plus installation.  It is a two man job so double the hourly rate.  No, I am not kidding.  I decided to not go with a reconditioned unit since they seemed to have a high failure rate.

I talked to my other son-in-law Jack who is a Master RV Technician.  He said he could repair the frig with the new parts.  I ordered it and went down to pick it up today at the RV dealer.  It took up the whole rear of our Saturn Vue and I had to push the driver's seat so close that I could hardly drive the car.  We got it home and it is now sitting on the floor of the cabin awaiting installation, which should take place the weekend of Labor Day or shortly thereafter.

Gerry says we should have traded the MH before this happened and we could have saved all that money.  Sort of like all the money she saves with her 15% off coupons at Kohls.  LOL

As they say, it is just the cost of doing business with the frig.  Now to get it repaired and get my beer cold again.  Then all will be right in the world.

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