Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harley Davidson Factory Tour

We decided to take the Harley Davidson factory tour in York, PA today. They give tours every 15 minutes from 9-2 during the summer. The factory is about an hour east of the cabin and we drove through a number of old towns on US 30 to get there. Several of the towns had old town squares that were fixed up very nicely.

The tours last 1 hour and they take you out on to the assembly line where you actually walk the line. It was almost 100 degrees outside and the factory is 5 degrees warmer, so it was a very hot day, not to mention the high humidity.

The neat thing about the tour is that they start you from the fabrication of many parts and take you through the line to assembly, testing and shipping of the bikes. They could not show us the paint section due to environmental laws, but by the time we got there, I was ready to head back to the cool building. It was a very interesting tour and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Harley Davidson bikes or factory tours in general.

Gerry and I found a bike that would be great for us. It only costs about $35,000 and there is a two year wait to get it once an order is placed. They are made in the York assembly plant.

This bike would look nice in our driveway also, but I think it is out of our price range.

Barbara and Henry waiting to go on the tour.

York, PA HD assembly plant with around 1800 Union Workers on two shifts. They are proud to be Union workers and it is mentioned a number of times during the tour.

We left York in rush hour and it was surprisingly heavy there. At least you can get out of town in a few miles so it didn't slow us down that much.

We called Cassie & Jack and arranged to meet them at a restaurant in Rouzerville for dinner. I am glad we didn't plan on having a cookout since it rained cats and dogs while we had our dinner. At least our car got washed pretty good and there was a brown puddle around the car from all the dust and dirt that had been on it. We visited a while and then left there, stuffed once again, but happy.

Barb & Henry are leaving on Thursday morning early and we have a lot of errands to run so it will be a busy day for all of us.

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