Sunday, August 8, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

Gerry and I took it easy this weekend. We spent the whole day on Friday with Doctors appointments and the 180 mile round trip drive wore us out. We left the Drs early enough, but ran into a traffic mess because of an accident on a two lane country road. No place to get off of the road and I didn't have my GPS so we had to wait it out.

Gerry cooked stuffed peppers on Saturday and ham & bean soup on Sunday. Great food and I managed to stuff my self as usual. Her stuffed peppers are known throughout the US and Switzerland.

We managed to spend an hour geocaching Sunday and found 5 caches. One was difficult to find since it was a 4X4 post with a hollowed out part for the cache. Gerry found that cache while I was getting my excellent medical report from my Doctor. That is right, a Dr called on a Sunday with the report. All the numbers were fine and he declared me in good health. Gerry received a clean bill of health also and is good to go for another year. Now you see why we drive 180 miles to have Dr. Glancy look after us.

We got back to the cabin in time to eat the delicious ham and bean soup. It really hit the spot. We will have leftovers for the next couple days, but that is fine with me.

Our daughter Barbara and her husband Henry celebrated their 28 year wedding anniversary on Saturday. I think he was at the races and she was visiting with her mother in law and two sisters in law all day. Barb and Henry had a very traditional wedding as you can see by the following formal photo of Larry Jr., Henry, Barb & Cassie.

Happy Anniversary Barb & Henry

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