Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stormy Day

Our day began around 5 am this morning due to a very severe thunder and lightning storm with heavy rain that passed through the area. There wasn't the usual high winds that go with this type of storm, so we lucked out this time. It rained hard for an hour and then let up a little. Back to sleep for us until a friend called to tell me about the storm in the DC area that was passing through. Thanks! This Irishman will remain unnamed to protect him.

We worked around the cabin until late afternoon and then decided to find a dress for Gerry for the wedding. She has one that she likes, but was looking for a better one. Off to Macy's again to check what they had and she came out with another dress. I will have to wait until Friday to see what it looks like on her.

On the way to the shopping center we took the back roads just to do something different. As usual I had the GPS and we picked up a cache at Brown's Mill Schoolhouse. It is a beautifully restored old one room schoolhouse built in 1836. It remained in use until 1922 and was restored in 1936. It served as a church and schoolhouse for a number of years.

Today is Darlene and Tom's 38th wedding anniversary and we wish them the best. We called them and they were working on a bottle of bubbly  so we didn't want to keep them from having a cold drink, however we did talk for 40 minutes or so. The photo shown is from 1972 when Tom was a wild and crazy motorcycle rider.  Not much of a hill rider though. 

Happy Anniversary.

Good luck Jane!

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