Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trip to the Outback

Well, we made it through the night fine.  The really bad winds were between 10:30pm and midnight with gust anywhere from 50-92mph in the Las Vegas area.  We were on the low end of the wind speeds and it wasn't too bad.  The winds died down by morning and were only in the 10mph range.

Gerry had a nice Mother's day even though her children were miles away.  Barbara called first thing this morning and they chatted for a while and grandsons Ryan & Jared got on the phone and wished Gerry a happy Mother's day. 

After the phone call I made coffee and prepared one of Gerry's favorite breakfasts.  Favorite since she doesn't have to prepare it and she actually likes it.  I must confess to making a delicious egg sandwich with grated cheese melted on at the end.  Place the egg between two slices of toast, spread a little mayo on the toast and mash the toast slices together.  Yes, I know your mouth must be watering by now, but you will just have to wait.

After church we returned to the motorhome and enjoyed a glass of wine and watched the movie "Philomena" which we enjoyed.  It's based on actual events and is about the adoption of babies in Ireland by outsiders.  If you get a chance to see the movie, do so.

Gerry selected the Outback Steakhouse for her Mother's day dinner.  We managed to get a parking place right in front of the restaurant.  There were people sitting around all over the place and our worst fears were realized when they said the wait was 1 1/2 hours.  Then the hostess said if we wanted to sit in the bar area we could be seated right away.  Well, yes we were willing to sit in the bar area and immediately snagged a booth.  How nice was that?

We had a super waitress and she recommended a few items and we went with them.  Of course, I didn't need any help ordering a large Foster's draft beer and the bloomin' onion.  Gerry ordered a Hickory Smoked Pineapple Margarita with hickory smoked salt on the rim.  She loved it and managed to drink it down without me getting a taste.

They do serve large meals there and we couldn't finish everything.  Take a look at our plates and you will see why.  This was served after our salads.

Steak & Shrimp - Gerry  Pork tenderloin for me

Happy Mother's Day Gerry
 We decided since we had such good luck at Outback,  we would try to extend it at the Sunset Station Casino.  We should have bypassed that stop since we used all our luck up before we got there.  Needless to say, we lost our allotted funds for gambling that day in a hurry.  I was actually up $25 and should have stopped there, but I just knew the next turn would be the big winner.  It was, but it was the casino who was the winner.

We beat a hasty exit and returned to the motorhome in time to see "The Amazing Race".   

Phone calls from Cassie & Larry Jr made her day complete as she wound up talking to all her children in one day.

(Note from Gerry - I have had a very nice day and enjoyed the special attention.  Henry, Larry did spoil me today, as you suggested.)

That was our day, how was yours?

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  1. Mothers Day was wonderful for me. Well All except the snow storm that lasted all day and it was 33 degrees. I kept asking myself why did we leave Tucson??? that was my day.