Friday, May 2, 2014

Buckskin Mountain State Park, Parker, AZ

We managed to wear ourselves out yesterday with the geocaching and touring around, so today we took it easy.  We hung around the park and took a short ride to the other side of the river to check out Buckskin Mt SP from the California side.

The park has a small swimming area along side of the Colorado River, however we didn't spend much time there.  I am sure it will be full of people this weekend with all the boaters and campers being here.

We wondered what the view of the park looked like from the California side and managed to drive over the Parker Dam and over to a campground directly across from us.  It is a private campground and as expected the units are packed in there.  We are right behind the small mound at the left center of the park. 

 This is a closeup of the park, but we still couldn't see our unit from there.  You can see how wild the hills are on the Arizona side.  It must have been very expensive to blast a road through this area.

Buckskin Mountain State Park

There is a section of road just below the Parker Dam on the California side of the river where wild burros roam free.  They are always begging for a handout and it was difficult to get a good picture of them.  This one decided to pose for us and was a handsome devil.

Wild Burro

We had a beautiful sunset this evening and managed to get a nice shot of it with the clouds and plane contrails in the sky.

It has warmed up around here and they are calling for 100+ temps this weekend.  Since we only have 30 amp service, we can only run one a/c at a time or risk burning one up.  Our coach is all electric and we have a residential refrigerator so it takes a lot of juice to run it.  The water heater runs off electric or diesel, so that isn't a problem.  Hot water is plentiful since it is so hot outside and the water hose is exposed to the sun.

We did receive a bit of bad news today when we checked to see if the Nellie E Desert Bar was open and found out it closed last weekend.  It is a desert bar that runs solely on solar power, so they close for the hot summer months.  Too bad, since we always enjoyed the 6 mile ride along a rough and dusty road to get there.

Nellie E Desert Bar
That was our not so exciting day, but we enjoyed taking it easy.  What about you, did you do anything exciting or interesting?


  1. Your day was more exciting then mine. At least you got to see a cute burro.

  2. I got to shop and spend money. Not a penny of it was for the rehab project. It's going to be in the 60s today. Warmest it's been in over a week and they're throwing in sunshine for free. Glad you're relaxing.